This is my initial client questionnaire. It will help to gather together your ideas. This information  will all enable me to visualize what you want in a website. I am pretty good at capturing a snapshot of people’s vision. It really is an intuitive creation process as much as it is technical. What I love about this work is it utilizes both sides of the brain. You don’t have to be concerned with technical aspects unless there are specifics you want to understand more clearly. I try to make the process as painless as possible. 


  • Three colors you prefer. 
  • 4 websites(of any type) you in your line of work that you LOVE…send me links…and what you love about them.
  • What you DISLIKE about websites in general that you want to steer away from.(ex: flashing things, moving things, etc.)
  • Circles or squares? (this always trips folks out when I ask)
  • Casual or formal?
  • Clean and simple or lots of “pop”?
  • Send me a visual or link to a specific piece of art that moves you/and or a favorite visual artist.
Site features:
If you have the answers to these go ahead and tell me, otherwise we will flush out these details when we meet. This is mostly to get you thinking.
What is the site’s purpose? Your goals for the site?
What type of content do you want to provide?
Will you have videos on the site?
Do you want a blog?
Do you already own a domain and/or have a website name in mind? What is the domain name?
Do you need a Client Only password protected area?
Do you use intake forms for client information? We can make an area for this on the site.
Will you link to other sites for resources?
Will you have a newsletter?
Online classes?
Will you have any advertisers down the line?
Do you need a scheduling feature?
My rate is $30/hr. Depending on your site needs and complexity it could take anywhere from 10-20 hrs of hands on work once we flush out the details. I include several things with a site package like 2 hours of training on software and social media integration. If you need a Facebook page and twitter setup/customization that is not included but can be done at a very reasonable rate. See pricing HERE.  Logo work is charged at the same rate.
We will create a written contract. I ask for 1/2 up front once we meet and 1/2 when the site launched. So say the estimate was $600, then I would need $300 when we get started (or soon after) to start work and $300 5 days after it is done.
Realistically, most web designers charge double or triple what I charge. I want to make it affordable for everyone to have a website if they need/want one.