I recently had my website designed by Tatyanna, and the results far exceeded my expectations. She knows how to listen to you as the client, and still use her intuitive and aesthetic abilities to bring fresh and creative ideas to the table. Not only that, she does it at half the price of most other web designers out there. I highly recommend her! Candice Cheadle

Sound Healer, A Sound Life

Working with Tatyanna was a very productive experience.  She took my vision and created the perfect website for me.  I knew what I didn’t want but had difficulty telling other designers what I wanted. Tatyanna’s method was able to zero in on exactly what I wanted. I am so grateful for her expertise.”
Samantha Grant, CN

Sam F Grant: Hormone and Metabolism Correction

Tatyanna is simply amazing. I have been working with her since February 2012. In that time, she has become an integral and influential part of my team. She is organized, steady, creative and a lot of fun. I deeply appreciate Tatyanna’s vision and direction as she helps me navigate the continuously changing world of social media with finesse and ease. Her prior experience in not-for-profit is invaluable as she is able to handle personnel issues, write in my voice and understand people in a deep and authentic way. Hire her, you won’t regret it.
Elana Millman

Founder, Elana Millman’s Sensual Living

waited a long time to invest in a website for my business.  When I found Tatyanna, I knew she was the right person for the job.  Not only did she thoroughly research what I needed with her intricate “getting to know what you want” phase, she understood innately how to put it together to give me a site that was wonderfully functional and supremely beautiful.  She captured “me” extremely well and exactly how I wanted myself to be presented to my clients.  She made it easy for them to know who I was from the first page and easy for them to work with me.

 I have had nothing but enthusiastic praise from everyone who’s seen and used the site.  I credit that completely to her creativity and professionalism.  I trust her to take care of it and me with that same dedication as we continue to work together to expand my business.

Laurie Johnson

Laurie Johnson Psychic

I hired Tatyanna to handle my social media because I wanted someone who could completely take it over.  After a few short weeks I found I rarely need to even pop into my pages unless I’m dying to say something. I know my readers are getting quality content, engagement and their questions are being answered.  With that responsibility off my shoulders, I’m able to focus on writing my next book and getting more blog posts done.  I love that even though we’ve known each other for a short while, Tatyanna took the time to get to know me through my pages and blog posts so she is able to word things just as I would, knowing where to be funny and light and when to be serious as a heart attack.  I highly recommend her if you want to hand over the headache and focus on all the things you’ve been procrastinating due to lack of time.


Founder, HollywoodHomestead.com

I have unspeakable joy and gratitude for Tatyana’s ability to walk the narrow middle path acting as a  bridge between the space for allowing intuitive development that the birth of creation often needs while providing the right amount of structure, practicality, and compassionate discipline to shape the abstract into realized form!

Because Tatyanna draws heavily from her own intuitive gifts to both align with your vision and skillfully wield her fluency in the language of WordPress, she has been my ideal solution and co-creator to help re-invent my web presence. I still continue to turn to Tatyanna for all of my web design needs (and any other service she may offer) because I know working with her I can trust that I will always be met with professionalism, a straightforward approach couched in integrity, and nurturing support and enthusiasm to generate a work that defines the essence of ‘me.’

I whole-heartedly recommend her to everyone!

Scarlet Korvina

Astrologer & Intuitive Life Coach, Ravens Nest Korvina

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