What is Egeria?

The fountain dedicated to  Egeria is a real place in Rome

 Egeria gave wisdom and prophecy in return for libations of water or milk at her sacred grove, near where the Baths of Caracalla were built in the third century. The name Egeria may mean “of the black poplar.” Egeria was associated by Romans with Diana, and women in childbirth called for her aid, so she appears to have presided over childbirth as well, like the Greek goddess Ilithyia. Egeria was later categorized by the Romans as one of the Camenae, deities who came to be equated with the Greek Muses as Rome fell under the cultural influence of Greece; so Dionysius of Halicarnassus listed Egeria among the Muses. 
A grove sacred to Egeria in connection with Numa stood close by a busy gate of Rome, the Porta Capena. In the second century, when Herodes Atticus recast an inherited villa nearby as a great landscaped estate, the natural grotto was formalized as an arched interior with an apsidal end where a statue of Egeria once stood in a niche; the surfaces were enriched with revetments of green and white marble facings and green porphyry flooring and friezes of mosaic. The primeval spring, one of dozens of springs that flow into the river Almone, was made to feed large pools, one of which was known as Lacus Salutaris or “Lake of Health”. Juvenal regretted an earlier phase of architectural elaboration:Nymph of the Spring! More honour’d hadst thou been,If, free from art, an edge of living green,Thy bubbling fount had circumscribed alone,And marble ne’er profaned the native stone.


I have spent half of my adult life as a self confessed computer geek. I remember when the world wide web didn’t exist. As soon as I knew it did exist, I was on it. I took one of the first distance learning courses(ever) in college.

This love of technology has allowed me to amass more than a 20 years of computer maintenance and software experience, which I have parlayed into several years of teaching and tech support.

I was a very early adopter of WordPress, twitter and several other social media channels. I am primarily self taught and I probably learn one new software of tool every week. I love learning and my internet research skills is at Goggle-Fu Black Belt levels.


I do a variety of work including virtual assistance to bloggers/writers, social media management, WordPress website development and design…

  • I am a virtual assistant,
  • communications specialist,
  • social media maven,
  • and project manager,
  • book proofreader and formatter for self publishing,
  • clean up computers riddled with viruses and malware
  • newsletter design and distribution
  • teach computer classes
  • enhance your computer or website security

I also teach ‘build your own wordpress site’ workshops exclusively for actors, creatives and select folks running businesses from home. Get on my list for more info HERE.


I am an excellent writer and communicator, able to navigate many realms with ease. My extensive experience in various fields of service has enabled me to acquire a skill set that is unique and appreciated by clients, no matter the task I am performing for them. I am often told by clients that my expertise goes beyond their initial needs and expectations. see Client Love

I am familiar with ebook/formatting and self publishing systems. I have a background in layout and formatting as well as graphic design. Generally, if there is a tech platform I do not know how to traverse, my learning curve is very shallow. Part of my unique expertise is how quickly I learn and adapt to new platforms.

My work style is very professional and clear communication is the key, yet I am easy-going and adapt to changing needs quickly.


I have over 20 years of professional experience in non profit management and training, program development, funds development, curriculum writing and event planning. I have specialized in youth development, women’s and indigenous issues and senior services.

About Me Personally

My complete resume.

What are your needs?

You rely on your website to present your company or organization to the world by…

Reaching mobile visitors.   Delivering SEO-Friendly Content. Having a user friendly environment    

Making a great first impression. Presenting your brand is a vibrant way.

I hired Tatyanna to handle my social media because I wanted someone who could completely take it over.  After a few short weeks I found I rarely need to even pop into my pages unless I’m dying to say something. I know my readers are getting quality content, engagement and their questions are being answered.  With that responsibility off my shoulders, I’m able to focus on writing my next book and getting more blog posts done.  I love that even though we’ve known each other for a short while, Tatyanna took the time to get to know me through my pages and blog posts so she is able to word things just as I would, knowing where to be funny and light and when to be serious as a heart attack.  I highly recommend her if you want to hand over the headache and focus on all the things you’ve been procrastinating due to lack of time.


Founder, HollywoodHomestead.com

I have unspeakable joy and gratitude for Tatyana’s ability to walk the narrow middle path acting as a  bridge between the space for allowing intuitive development that the birth of creation often needs while providing the right amount of structure, practicality, and compassionate discipline to shape the abstract into realized form!

Because Tatyanna draws heavily from her own intuitive gifts to both align with your vision and skillfully wield her fluency in the language of WordPress, she has been my ideal solution and co-creator to help re-invent my web presence. I still continue to turn to Tatyanna for all of my web design needs (and any other service she may offer) because I know working with her I can trust that I will always be met with professionalism, a straightforward approach couched in integrity, and nurturing support and enthusiasm to generate a work that defines the essence of ‘me.’

I whole-heartedly recommend her to everyone!

Scarlet Korvina

Astrologer & Intuitive Life Coach, Ravens Nest Korvina

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